Movie Print #4: 'Crucible!' (A3) Limited Edition 1st Printing

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Celebrating the Marvel Comics adaptation of Star Wars in the 1970s.

'Crucible!' is the reimagining of issue 17 (plotted by Chris Claremont) of the Marvel comic as a movie.
While Luke Skywalker is piloting the Millennium Falcon through space, his mind flashes back to his life back on Tatooine. Luke, Biggs Darklighter, Deak, and other youngsters race their T-16 skyhoppers through the twisting maze of Beggar's Canyon when a wounded scout arrives to warn them of an impending attack by the Sandpeople. While the others try to hold off the attacks, Luke and Biggs rush off to warn the other residents of the area of the danger. Biggs is wounded by a Tusken Raider, and Luke has to take him in his skyhopper through the dangerous caverns of Diablo Cut to get him to safety. (Wookieepedia)

Print size: A3 (Approx. 297 x 420 mm)
Paper: Fedrigoni – Liscio Stucco 300gsm*

Featuring remastered artwork from the original Marvel Comics.

First printing limited to 25 numbered prints.

Includes 18 trading cards featuring the main characters from the story, a Luke reproduction sticker card, Atari VCS box-art 4-card set and checklist card.
Cards come as an uncut sheet for display and with registration marks for cutting.

Print only. Frame is not included

*Liscio Stucco is a beautifully smooth board created with a special 'Stucco' surface treatment on one side to enhance image reproduction. Liscio Stucco is ideal for all printing processes, including inline litho cold foiling.
With every purchase of Liscio Stucco, Fedrigoni will automatically Carbon Balance your order at no additional cost.